Lange's Happy Clients

Heather is Remarkable to Work With

I know my parents did their best to be prepared, and to prepare us, for their eventual passing, but we discovered there’s so much more. With two properties to sell for the estate, Heather was my guide. With advance notice on the number of death certificates that would be required and an understanding of the challenges in gaining access to estate funds, she knew the questions to ask, suggested options on how to proceed, and provided every report and analysis requested by our lawyer in an effort to make my job easier and more transparent with the other beneficiaries.

And there’s not just one approach that fits every situation. With one property, we gathered all the quotes, crunched the numbers, and with Heather’s market expertise, we brought the property to market with a basic level plan and in turn received multiple offers and closed far above our asking price.

The second property was a different story. More was required to bring it to market, and even more could have been done, but Heather advised us on the most cost-efficient choices and again we sold above our asking price.

Heather has a great team she brings with her. They are responsive, friendly, and fair. In addition, Heather is well connected amongst her peers and excels in perceiving the right approach to dealing with various agents.

In the end, Heather is remarkable to work with. She’s responsive, communicates clearly, and pursues challenges with strength and diligence. Thank you, Heather, for taking such care with our family and our parent’s belongings through this challenging time.

Keri Andersen ~ Seller/Executor of The Griffin Family Trust

Heather is Highly Knowledgeable About Real Estate in the South Bay Area!

Heather helped me find a suitable home in a nice area of San Jose. Immediately, my first impression was that she is highly knowledgeable about the city infrastructures and the real estate market in the South Bay Area. She took me to different areas in the South Bay to explore and put in a lot of emphasis on addressing my questions and concerns. She was very focused on urgent and important issues when we got into contract and has great attention to detail.

Her communication, negotiation skills and due diligence played an essential role and made me feel very confident and comfortable in the decision-making process when purchasing this home. She connected me to an HOA evaluation company to ensure I had a thorough understanding of the Home Owner’s Association financial health. Despite the added complexity of only being provided partial HOA documentation, Heather made sure the seller and HOA provided all necessary documents for the expert to thoroughly review. As a result the deal went very smoothly, and I am very satisfied with the purchase!

Alex Yang ~ Buyer

Our Highest Praise for This Hard Working Woman!

To sell our house in Naglee Park downtown San Jose, we needed an outstanding realtor, who would work with us "one-on-one". Heather Lange, a one-of-kind broker, fitted most (if not all) the bill & our expectations. Heather is the best realtor we could have hired to sell our house. Our highest praise for this hard working woman. From day one, she was dedicated, energetic, detail oriented, super organized and positive.

Heather kept us up to date in the sale preparation & gave us a lot of homework, as our home after 22 years needed. Monthly calendar updates kept us in line & on time! Her conviction of fixing up the house from its faults, and using a stager to neutralize it, made the house most attractive to many buyers. She was impressive in organizing the various inspectors to all come in on the same morning. She also communicates well with contractors as she understands their side of the projects. Heather was most successful in arranging & working with the inspectors, contractors and the stager. All did a great job.

Heather also created a beautiful website that showed the house and garden areas at its best. Her strategy to personally show the house during two consecutive weekends and wait to accept offers till after the second weekend, resulted in many offers, two of which were in cash!
After agreeing on a timeslot for an optimum sale in early 2023, we sold our house in ten (10) days after receiving eleven (11) offers & that during a period of rising mortgage rates. We know, the new owners will love our former home, as much as we did.
Thus, when you need to sell your house, we strongly recommend Heather Lange to be your broker. Heather is a super realtor with boundless energy.

Willa Scholten & Carl Boekema - Sellers

Our Deepest Appreciation for Our Dream Home

Dear Heather,

I wanted to express my family's deep appreciation for all the guidance and support you've provided us with over the past few months. Thanks to your expertise and unwavering dedication, we were able to find our dream home - a place that will bring us together and enrich our lives in so many ways.

We feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with such an outstanding real estate professional. Your in-depth knowledge of the local housing market and community, coupled with your patient responses to all our questions and invaluable advice, put us at ease and helped us make informed decisions every step of the way.

Furthermore, we're truly grateful for your assistance throughout the entire transaction process. Your timely and expert problem-solving skills made everything run smoothly and without any stress. We cannot thank you enough for your efforts, as without them we may not have found such a perfect home.

In closing, we extend our most sincere gratitude once again. Your professionalism and enthusiasm have touched us deeply and made us fall even more in love with our new home. We wish you all the best and hope to stay in touch in the future.

With warmest regards,

Jessie, Herb, Pamela and Kevin - Buyers

We Won’t Hesitate to Work with Heather Again!

Heather Lange was an absolute joy to partner with on our home buying experience in 2022 and we strongly recommend her to any prospective buyers/sellers!

We lived in San Francisco and was looking to move to the Peninsula / South Bay to accommodate our growing family. Heather came highly recommended from a close relative. After an initial exploratory call, we met several times over the next few months to visit different neighborhoods and homes. Each time she would map out the optimal trip (with real time adjustments as needed) and was always prepared with insights that go beyond the MLS listings. The pride Heather takes in her work quickly became apparent to us.

Once we found a home that we liked, Heather worked with us on due diligence and to formulate an offer strategy during a shifting market, which ultimately allowed us to purchase the home at the price we wanted! Through the process Heather was always transparent and provided clear communication without being overbearing. More importantly she was an effective project manager, staying on top of all the key players (seller agent, bank, title company, us) to ensure a quick close in under 3 weeks.

Overall everyone was happy and we won't hesitate to work with Heather again in the future!

Mnason & Tue - Buyers

Heather Sold Our Home for 107% Over our Asking Price in a softening market!

Heather is a true professional Realtor who knows her craft and the current market. We enlisted her help several months before we planned to market the home, as we wanted to finish various interior and exterior upgrades. She guided us through this process impeccably; her suggestions for the improvements saved us money and helped get the property to a highly marketable state. In fact, buyers' assessment rated the home as pristine. We appreciated and valued Heather's eye for detail and knowledge of home buying and selling. She was truly indispensable for this phase.

For the next phase, Heather had many challenges as we had moved our furnishings, one spouse and two dogs to Hawaii, while the other spouse remained "camped out" in a bedroom with our third dog...primarily to wrap up last tasks on the job, prepare for retirement and oversee the finishing touches on the property. Heather was indispensable here too. She kept lines of communication open between her, me, my wife, contractors and our handyman on a day-to-day basis. She was the Master Scheduler, making everything happen.

For the last phase, the dog and I said final farewell to our precious home and flew to our new home in Hawaii. Heather took complete charge: supervised final clean-up; worked with the handyman to make several unplanned fixes; worked with the landscaper to add plants and replace a small lawn with new sod; worked with her stager to furnish the home for showing, keeping us informed step-by-step along the way. She set up a web site for the property and got video crew and photographer to showcase the home.

I made the mistake of turning off the sprinkler program, which is controlled by a Wi-Fi connection. When I disconnected the internet connection to return the equipment, there was no Wi-Fi connection to control the sprinklers. Heather went by daily to hand water the new lawn and other plants. On days when she could not, she had arrangements for it to get done.

Finally, we opened the property for viewing for two weeks. After that, we accepted offers and immediately got four valid offers for more than the asking price. We accepted the best offer in two days. Closing process worked well, with Heather handling everything (especially walking the details step-by-step for my nervous wife). Finally, escrow closed; new buyers were thrilled to start moving in; wife and I could relax and have a couple of Mai Tais to celebrate. Not only did we finish a process that we started two years ago, but we have a wonderful family beginning their adventure in a home that we have loved for 15 years.

The story might not have ended so well if it were not for our Realtor (and now dear friend) Heather. She works hard for her commission (and I think for her own pride in doing a great job) and earns every penny. Would I recommend her? Heck a heartbeat!

MAHALO ~ The Shaws

Heather is More Than an Agent - She's Become Our Trusted Real Estate Advisor and Friend!

Heather is absolutely amazing, and just helped us close on our very first home! As first-time buyers, we knew little about all the ins-and-outs of buying a home - let alone the crazy Bay Area housing market(!) - and she guided us every step of the way.

When we first began looking, Heather took us on numerous property tours. She helped us understand the pros and cons of different neighborhoods, and taught us what we should look out for when touring a home - foundation cracking, sloping, electrical, plumbing, etc. She was very invested in our search. The moment we expressed interest in a property, she was on the phone with the listing agent getting the inside scoop immediately to try to give us a leg up.

It took us a while to find the right home and throughout our entire process, she was extremely patient, and we never once felt pressured to submit an offer on a property or offer more than what we were comfortable with. When we finally found our home, Heather went to bat for us in negotiation and managed the closing process flawlessly. She was always available to answer any questions, stayed on top of everything, and helped us understand the steps we needed to take to secure our loan and close on our home.

Heather is more than an agent - she's become our trusted real estate advisor and friend - and we would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to buy a home in the Bay Area!

Chris & Holly Lavin - Buyers

Ideal First Home Buying Experience!

As a first-time home buyer, we barely knew anything. Prior to Heather, we had another realtor, who was kind and knowledgeable in answering questions that we had, but the problem about being a first-time buyer is that we weren't sure if we were asking the right questions.

Heather was different. Right off the bat, she gave us a tour around the areas where we were looking to buy, explained the neighborhoods, the pros and cons of different areas, the expectations to set for the landing prices, factors to consider between living and renting, etc. Heather was concerned whether she gave us too much information, but that was actually what we needed the most.

We explored properties with a weekly cadence, probably amounting to over 60 properties in total, and based on the information Heather provided us with, we gradually found our way around the criteria that we value the most. As we learned more from Heather, rather than unidirectional inquiries for Heather, we engaged in more bidirectional discussions, digging into the whys and hows of the market, verifying different perspectives for our goals in mind. From knowing nothing, we grew enough to state exactly what we want, why we want, what prices we are willing to pay, and what aspects we will not tolerate.

Throughout this process, I never felt like Heather was pushing us in a direction favorable to her. Everything felt natural, in accordance with our values, and that was enough for us to put 100% trust in Heather.

Heather was very quick in supporting us in the first offer that we gave, and promptly notified us of the bidding situations. Heather did not try to convince us to outbid, but instead respectfully yielded the decision to us, to which we decided to pass on. Less than a week after that, Heather found us an off-market property, fitting almost every single check box on our list, and prepared an offer as soon as we decided to do so. All of the heavy lifting was done in a week after, and we were able to secure a wonderful house, one that in an open market would most definitely lie outside of our budget.

I left out many details, but I believe the above was enough to demonstrate how capable, trustworthy, and kind Heather is. In fact, we may ask Heather to help us find another house in the near future, and we can write another testimonial then!

Kevin and Pamela - Buyers

Time Tested Relationship!

Our relationship with Heather dates back to 2010, when she helped us find our first home in Santa Clara.

6 years later when we wanted to sell the same home, she was our go to person. She managed the entire sale, right from suggesting things for curb appeal, upgrading cabinets to finding our staging person. She managed the showings independently and we were able to take a breather during the sale, thanks to Heather's expert knowledge and the friend she had turned into by then.

Another 6 years on, she helped us find our investment property in Sunnyvale. Let us make a categorical statement: Heather knows Santa Clara County like the back of her hand -every nook and cranny of it!

12 years apart and she hasn’t changed one bit. The energy, the transparency, the integrity, and the humor! Where do we begin? Always accommodative, keeping us on our toes, providing us pluses and minuses and never once pressuring us to go for something we weren’t ready for. She always kept us honest to our goals and is one of those people that can feel genuine happiness for others!

We would recommend Heather to anyone in a heartbeat. A true professional, sincere, and most importantly, for emphasis, a kind friend.

Anusha and Arvind – Sellers & Buyers

Heather’s Selling Strategy Got us 15 Offers in 1 Week!

We found the home of our dreams in 2018 while we were in the middle of starting our family; Heather helped us make our purchase on our home that had fallen out of contract from another buyer. As soon as the home became available, Heather helped us develop a unique offer that the seller could not refuse; we were so happy to have this home while starting our family. Since then, we quickly outgrew the home and found ourselves in need of a larger house. We decided to move out of the Bay Area and were concerned about having a smooth and fast transition to our new town that was in the middle of a hot market with low inventory and high competition. Heather assured us that by following her Strategic Selling Plan, we would be in the best position to make strong offers quickly once we got into contract.

Heather’s strategic plan and pricing strategy brought us 15 offers in one week! We were able to sell our home quickly, and significantly over the ask price; positioning us well to write a competitive offer for our new dream home in our new town. We won our home on the first try and Heather was supportive, helpful, and available every step of the way; not only to close smoothly on our home here in the Bay Area, but she also provided helpful communication, documentation, and advice as we worked with the realtor in our new town and to close smoothly on our new home.

We strongly recommend Heather – thanks for helping us make our dream move happen!

Kevin & Erin Moyles ~ Sellers and Buyers

As first-time home buyers, we would recommend Heather to anyone!

Heather worked with us throughout the pandemic in an extremely hot market in the East Bay. She helped us to hone-in on the exact kind of property that would make a good first home for us. She prepared us every step of the way, as first-time buyers, we felt so confident having Heather in our corner.

She followed up with every property we had an interest in and took care to explain every detail throughout the process. We had a lot of starts and stops due to the pandemic and Heather was always there, ready to dive back into searching when we were ready.

When we finally found a property that we had a chance with, we were ready to win out over 10 other offers because of how Heather had prepared us and her negotiation skills throughout the process. With Heather’s guidance, we got our dream first home, at a price that worked for us, in an extremely competitive market. We felt completely taken care of once our offer was accepted because Heather was there for all the paperwork, emails, and phone calls explaining every piece of the puzzle that goes into closing on a home. We would recommend Heather to anyone in need of a realtor in the Bay Area.

Morris and Annee - Buyers

We were grieving, Heather showed a caring and intelligence that we appreciated

Heather Lange is a mind reader as well as a Realtor. Every concern that we had was addressed even before we could articulate it. We were dealing with a trustee sale property, we didn’t live in the area, and we were grieving, but she showed a caring and intelligence that was very much appreciated.

Given that the house was a trustee sale, she explained how it differed from selling a home that you have lived in. Also, she made sure we knew the tax consequences of our sale. Heather knew that we had many other things to deal with after the death of our loved one, so she offered to project manage the property for us, and ready it for its selling. She never put more on us than we could handle during these sad times.

She answered all questions honestly and without hesitancy. She was extremely well informed on so many levels. If she didn’t know something, she would research it, and then get back to us with an answer. She always kept us in the loop, and respected our suggestions and preferences. She is the utmost professional, and we would recommend her to anyone with similar circumstances without hesitancy.

The Cooney’s – Trustee Sellers

Heather Exceeded Our Expectations!

We are so thankful to Heather for everything she did to sell our house for more than we could have anticipated, project managed the entire process as we were already living out of state, and calmed our sometimes frazzled nerves as we said good-bye to our family home of 20 years.

Heading into this arduous process, Heather gracefully bridged our differing opinions on how to prep the house for market. When it was time to get things rolling, she had everything lined up; appointments with vendors and inspectors - all of whom spoke so highly of Heather in return. She kept us up to date and personally participated in and managed every event and detail that took place in the process of getting the house ready as, again, we were not local to participate ourselves.

Heather kindly walked us through the paperwork and intelligently explained her strategy for setting the listing price. We received 9 offers, all vetted by Heather before they were presented, and her approach to receiving the highest offer was both fair and strategic.

Bottom Line: Heather exceeded our expectations as our realtor. I think she really enjoys what she’s doing which made it easier to laugh and have fun along the way. She is our friend and we have nothing but praise for her professionalism and excellent skills as a real estate agent.

Dean and Keri Andersen - Sellers

So Glad We Chose to Work With Heather!

My wife and I started our quest for a new home in San Jose with a realtor that our mortgage broker recommended, but after three weeks of unresponsiveness started working with Heather after a mutual friend introduced us. What a difference it made: Within a day of speaking with Heather, she cleared out time on her calendar to meet with us, expanded the initial list of homes we were interested into a full itinerary for a Saturday outing, and printed out an itinerary with details on each home we would visit. And this was before we were ready or able to make an offer!

Two weeks later, after taking us on another outing, attentively listening to what we were interested in, understanding our price range, regularly sending us recommendations of places to look at, and coaching us on strategies so we would be ready to be competitive, Heather once again took us on a Saturday outing. This time, we were ready to make offers, we found a house we loved, and we started preparing to write an offer early the following week.

Here's where the story of Heather as an expert negotiator begins. Before we saw this house, she spoke with the listing agent, just in case we might make an offer on it, to get him to agree to call her if someone made a pre-emptive offer. And that's exactly what happened. The next day, we learned that a cash offer came in, and Heather jumped right in to help us take a strong competitive position. She worked with the listing agent. She worked with our mortgage broker. She even pulled in the agent that helped us sell our condo a week before to assure the listing agent that our financial position was strong and that we were the kind of family his sellers would want to have purchase their home. And our offer—the first offer we made in our home search in a very hot market—was accepted. Unbelievable.

In the next stage of our journey, the appraisal came in under the offer price that we made, so Heather sprang into action again to suggest other comparable homes in the area for the appraiser to use, and the appraisal came back very close to our offer price. She even stayed on top of all of the details, like transferring the solar power contract from the former owners to us, so we could keep everything on schedule. Amazing—and now we're a day away from signing and closing on our new gem in San Jose.

Heather is a great combination of empathic and tenacious, collaborative, and competitive, fun and serious—and we couldn't have succeeded in our quest without her.

The Wolf Family ~ Buyers

Heather Gets High Recommendations From Us!

We are forever grateful to Heather and her ability to help us is all areas of selling our house. She came in with ideas of what basic things we should do to market our house. This was a new experience for us so we trusted her lead. She kept us on a schedule and continually followed up to make sure things were progressing on time. We needed this! She always provided contact information for jobs that needed to get completed. With all of the people we worked with to get our house ready for market, she stayed in contact with them too. Heather was always available to help us or just answer questions.

This was a tricky time to sell a house with the start of the COVID shut down starting right when we were getting things ready to sell. She had to adapt to a new way of working with no traditional open houses. She was able to show our house virtually and schedule in home visits. After the sale, she made everything easy staying in contact with the title company and doing conference calls when necessary.

We would highly recommend Heather to anyone selling their home. She is professional but very personable too. We are thankful to her for her hard work and helping us with all that needed to be done to sell our house.

Mark and Leslie Wooley ~ Sellers

We Highly Recommend Heather Lange!!

We can't say enough good things about Heather, she did such an amazing job guiding us through the purchase of our first home in Carmel! With this being our first home purchase in California, Heather truly went above and beyond for us.

We instantly knew that she had our best interests at heart! She took the time to understand our priorities and goals before jumping into viewing homes and writing offers, and as we worked through the process of making an offer, negotiating with the sellers, and working through the closing process, she always had our best interests front and center and great guidance on how to approach things! Purchasing a home in the Bay Area is an incredibly complex process, and we were at ease knowing Heather truly knows every detail of the process and is so incredibly well organized. We never had to worry about things "slipping through the cracks", as Heather was always proactively checking in and keeping things on track.

Additionally, we were so impressed with how quickly Heather built strong relationships in a new market (Carmel) with the seller's agent, inspectors, contractors, and a variety of other local individuals. She leveraged her strong network in San Jose to quickly build a great team in Carmel who supported the purchase. She took the time to attend inspections in person, ask questions we wouldn't have thought to, and walk us through every step of the process. As with any home purchase, there are always a couple "surprises" along the way, but we were at ease knowing Heather was navigating the process for us. Whether with the bank’s appraisal lead times or negotiating a few final points following the inspection results, Heather was able to leverage the relationships she had quickly built, keep things on track, and ensure we closed on the home! Her communication skills during the whole process really stand out and made things so much easier!

We would absolutely recommend Heather and look forward to working with her again on any future home purchases!

Thanks Heather!

Tyler & Mary Scherer - Buyers

Heather Knows What it Takes to Win Your dream Home!

Heather's knowledge of real estate in the Bay Area along with her excellent communication skills allowed us to put together a package that the sellers couldn’t refuse, and without overpaying; a rare thing here in the bay area!

She took time to get to know us, to help guide us toward properties that were best fit for us and was always available to answer questions. Heather even reached out multiple times for answers from the listing agent whenever we asked for more information. We felt 100% supported through the entire process. In fact, she went above and beyond after closing, providing resources for improvements to the property. Heather will stand by you, providing superior service along the way!

Paula and John Arnold ~ Buyers

Heather Did it Again!

As buyers who are new to the San Jose area, we worked with Heather on a second transaction - first with our son's home and now with an investment property for a 1031 Exchange.

We had already sold our LA rental home and had limited time to identify a property to complete the 1031 exchange. Especially during the pandemic, we were having difficulties finding the right property to buy in LA. Heather Lange, who had helped my son buy his home in San Jose, convinced us that buying in San Jose would be a smart investment. With limited time to spare, Heather got to work right away and shared several options with us. Unlike other realtors who simply forward the MLS listing to us, Heather takes the time to understand our requirements, contacts the seller's agents to provide background on the properties of interest, and then guides us on why we may or may not want to consider each property. With our busy schedules and living 5+ hours away from San Jose, we found Heather's service to be invaluable in narrowing down our choices and making our weekend trip to San Jose as efficient as possible. We found the home in just one weekend trip!

We were pleased that the seller accepted our offer right away, but like most deals, that was not the end of it. Even with us present (physically or virtually), Heather makes it a point to physically attend all inspections and makes sure that the inspector captures all the necessary details. The initial inspection report disclosed a potential issue with the foundation, which would have been a deal-breaker for us. With Heather’s experienced and knowledgeable advice, we hired a foundation inspector. Heather’s advice paid off. Not only was Heather able to calm our worries down, she was able to successfully negotiate a deep price reduction to cover the additional repair costs. More importantly, despite the turn of events, we were able to close the deal just in time to meet the deadlines set forth by the 1031 Exchange.

Heather sealed the deal once again. We highly recommend Heather Lange if you are looking for a realtor in the Bay Area.

Tes and Ronnie Ocampo ~ Buyers

Your Professionalism is Beyond Comparison!

We started working with Heather in 2009 during the housing market crash and finding a house was a big challenge.

We were quite skeptical if we could even find something decent, but Heather stepped in and relentlessly searched for the house we were dreaming about. After checking more than 50 houses we finally found what we were looking for.

10 years later, we decided to re-locate and it was time to sell our home. It was a no-brainer for us to call Heather again, this time to help us sell our house.

To complicate the matter further, our timing was really bad - traditionally November and December are the slowest months to sell. On top of that the house required some work involving contractors and our HOA. Heather stepped up once again and project managed all the activities while we were out of California. Dealing with HOA is something I do not wish to anyone, however Heather took that responsibility and together with my wife managed to get through all the obstacles.

It was a big relief for us knowing that Heather had our back. She did an amazing job; and by the end of December the buyer’s money was in escrow.

Heather, we are very grateful for all your hard work and dedication.

Your professionalism is beyond comparison.

Forever grateful ~ Violeta and Stan ~ Buyers & Sellers

Heather Set the Bar for Us with Her Excellent Negotiation Skills & Customer Service!

We have twice the thanks to make. We benefited immeasurably from Heather's diligent and attentive guidance as we searched for and purchased our home. When it was time to sell, Heather mapped out our strategy, unleashed her vast resources and relationships to us help prep our home for the market, kept constant contact, gave detailed guidance to our many questions during the process, and deftly negotiated a very strong sale price in a competitive purchase environment. Heather is as gracious and endearing as she is a business bulldog asserting the best interests of her client. She set a bar; we now always look for the Heather Lange standard.

The Rocker Family ~ Sellers and Buyers

Thank you Heather for doing a great and thoughtful job!

My wife, Marianne, and I would like to thank you for facilitating the sale of our San Jose home. I know it would not have gone as smoothly as it did without your assistance.

You are an excellent project manager. Your organizational skills kept us on time and motivated me when I thought the goal was out of reach. It was a pleasure working with you.

I think your marketing and market knowledge is right on point, and your attention to details made a huge difference. I know our home sold faster and at a higher sale price than if we had done this ourselves. Your knowledge of contracts, disclosures, inspections, loan processing, and containment of problems has great depth. Your follow through is wonderful.

We can’t thank you enough for doing a great and thoughtful job.

Thank You Heather Lange!

Bob and Marianne Broedlow ~ Sellers

Heather was instrumental in helping our family with a difficult Probate Sale!

Our uncle with a multimillion-dollar estate passed away. He died intestate which complicated the process for our large extended family. It was in these very difficult times that we were very glad to have known Heather Lange.

She was truly instrumental in pointing us in the right direction. Heather was able to provide a significant amount of information very quickly upon contacting her. She did an excellent job in the initial evaluation of the properties within the probate estate: researching the properties and providing initial values.

She was able to refer us to an attorney to best advise and protect our family interests in dealing with diverse extended family and beneficiaries. This in turn, enabled us to connect with a Professional Fiduciary to administer the estate. Her talent for quickly finding the information and resources we needed was very impressive.

Because of the complexities of this estate and the multi-family beneficiary issues, the election of realtor(s) was not a simple process, but we wanted Heather to represent us for at least one of the properties that needed to be sold. This was not a roadblock for Heather. She worked extremely hard to provide the necessary information to our fiduciary. She answered all the questions from the family members--she was smart, efficient and relentless.

In the sale of the property, she was able to negotiate top dollar and close quickly (brought home to market within 1 week and obtained 4 offers with top negotiated offer coming in at $2.2ML and closing in 2 days). Heather stayed connected and consistently followed up during each phase of the property sale and overall probate process.

Not only did she stay informative and communicative throughout the sale, she was also able to advise and help manage the project efficiently--this was especially helpful when dealing with extended family members and beneficiaries when we were not always in agreement. Heather was meticulous and clear whenever communication was required to appease the probate process, beneficiaries and attorneys involved. She is highly trustworthy in honoring privacy, confidentiality, and was sensitive to the difficult job of selling a home in probate. For the property she sold, Heather ensured a smooth process while obtaining the best terms, highest price and most committed buyer for the property.

She is indeed a rare find. Thank you so much Heather!

Visaya Family~Sellers

Heather Helped Us Buy Our Dream Home!

Several years ago Heather helped us sell our home and we were very pleased with the process and the outcome. When we reentered the Bay Area housing market after a few years of renting, we went straight to Heather to represent us. Wow, what a great experience! This is a difficult market to buy in, but we found a dream property we absolutely loved and Heather put the wheels in motion immediately. The property was a stretch for us and there were some challenges. It was a trustee sale, the sellers made it clear that the asking price would not be enough to close the deal, and multiple bidders were interested. Heather was totally on top of the situation and guided us to a fantastic result. We got the property we loved for our original offer price, even though we were not the highest bidder! Heather's professional connections and her timely and diligent involvement in the process gave our offer both a personal and a professional touch. I know she was completely invested in making this work, and both Heather and I were elated when our offer was accepted.

Whether you are buying or selling, you want Heather on your team.

The Asch-Ito Family ~ Buyers

P.S. Get this, the entire process from starting to look at houses with Heather to closing on our dream house took only 6 weeks.

Heather was the right choice to get our home sold!

We had our home on the market for over 6 months, thinking as most people do, it will be no problem to sell our home in a very seller favorable San Jose market. We had some activity; however, we were not getting our home sold.

We were referred to Heather by a close realtor friend who spoke very highly of her. From the moment we met Heather, we knew we had a perfect fit. She carefully listened to our end goals, set expectations and designed a strategy to sell our home. Heather had the right experience, contacts and tools to map out our plan to get our home sold. She delivered what she committed to which was selling our home with NO surprises!

She recommended a professional stager who created the style that was needed to make our home more appealing to the current market. The stager and Heather came to our home and made the required recommendations to make our home the most appealing for the house to sell. Heather provided professionals to do the work that we did not have the skill to do (chimney inspector, roof inspector, termite fumigation professionals). Heather’s referrals to professionals was invaluable for us to meet our timeline for getting our house on the market. Heather quickly created a calendar for us to make sure there was clarity on what we needed to do and what she and others would be doing, again a great tool to meet the agreed upon timeline to sell our home.

Heather is an expert marketer and has outstanding market intelligence. She strategically reached out to other brokers; she researched our market area. Heather listened to our input about what makes our neighborhood great, took pictures of area hot spots (golf course, park, a local deli) and included this information/pictures in a professional marketing video of our home.

I remember our first meeting. She said, “My plans are for you and I to prepare your house for sale in March and put it on the market in April 1 and plan to be in contract by the 3rd week in April with multiple offers.” That exact thing happened!

Heather’s detailed follow up with everyone involved with the sale of our home was outstanding. We never had to worry about any detail being missed.
Heathers confidence and knowledge were critical elements for a successful home sale. In a very competitive market, Her program management, organization, referrals to service professionals, and negotiation skills were what made the sale and made Heather the right realtor.

Sellers ~ Janet Fuentes & Jean Phillips

Heather is hardworking, experienced, knowledgeable, prompt and responsive!

We highly recommend Heather Lange to anyone who is looking for a great real estate agent in Silicon Valley. As 1st time homebuyers and having recently moved to the Bay Area, where the real estate market is extremely competitive with dynamics so different than the rest of the country, we were really intimidated about the whole home buying experience. However, Heather made this experience a great one with her business acumen and expertise in the local real estate market, and her really receptive, responsive attitude to go along with her hardworking and positive personality. Being picky and inexperienced buyers, it took us months of research and a plethora of open house visits to find our home. In the end, she made sure that we got our dream home! All through this process, there hasn’t been a single time where we reached out to Heather and not get an immediate response including late nights and weekends. She was very prompt and always ready and willing to spare time for us- may that be visiting a property or providing guidance and answering our endless questions.

To sum up, if you are looking for a hardworking, experienced, knowledgeable, prompt and responsive real estate agent with an amazing personality, look no further than Heather Lange.

Thanks so much again Heather!

Erkan Acar Berkman & Maegan Bartlett ~ Buyers

Heather Lange Is The Reason We Won A Complicated Probate Home!

We cannot recommend Heather Lange any more highly! If you're in the market to buy or sell a home, she is absolutely the agent you should hire. You will not find anyone more friendly, knowledgeable, respected, or hardworking.

After spending a couple of afternoons looking at home options, Heather found the perfect house for us. She listened to the fact that we wanted a single family home instead of a condo or townhome. Despite the fact that we had only 10% down and a limited budget in this crazy market, she found a single family home for us in a desirable neighborhood. The home was in probate and the previous sale had fallen through because the buyers were not able to wait through the probate process. Heather helped us to submit an offer that was immediately accepted because it was a fair offer and because of the letter that Heather prompted us to write to the sellers. They were interested in selling to people who were going to live in the home instead of flip it for a profit and ultimately chose us over slightly lower all-cash offers because of that and the relationship that Heather maintained with their agent.

As we progressed through the probate process (which was longer for us than most because someone was contesting the sale of the home), Heather went to every court hearing with us. She always came prepared and even testified at one court date because she was able to provide information that the attorneys did not have on the spot. She communicated regularly with the seller's agent and both attorneys to ensure that we were always kept abreast of where things were in the process. When the court ruled that the house had to be put back on the market again for one week to see if any higher bids came in, Heather again guided us through the process of submitting a slightly higher bid to ensure that we were in a good position to win this home. When a significantly higher offer than we were able to provide fell through, we were next in line and our revised bid was accepted. Heather also helped us to find a mortgage broker who was flexible and was able to help us get a conventional loan for this home, which needed a considerable amount of work.

Almost 11 months after our initial bid, we closed on a single family home here in Silicon Valley, which was a dream come true for us. I fully believe that we would not have been able to get this home if it weren't for Heather. She maintained positive relationships with everyone involved, provided us with sound advice, attended every court hearing, provided needed information to the court, and coordinated everyone involved to make sure that nothing slipped through the cracks. Not only that, but she continues to help us even after we've closed on our home. She has provided us with amazing contacts for contractors needed to upgrade our home and has repeatedly made herself available to us to answer questions and provide resources since we closed.

The probate process can be complicated. If you are buying or selling a home, especially one in probate, you will most definitely want Heather to be your agent. Not everyone will be as knowledgeable as Heather about the process or as good a problem-solver for when issues arise, and that is critical to have through this process. I will be forever grateful to her for helping us buy our very first home and one that we plan to live in for some time to come. I am confident that you will be just as happy with Heather as your agent as we were.

Don't wait, call her now!

Kim Noll and Patrick Swoboda ~ Very Happy Buyers

Heather’s Skill, Professionalism and Expertise are Unmatched!

If we could utilize Heather Lange Homes Real Estate Services for every future transaction, we would be in the best hands. In 2014, after a very trying search, Heather was able to get us into our first home. We did not have a large down payment, and we needed to search for a home in an area that was outside of Heather’s normal area. As first-time homebuyers without a significant amount of cash, we were not going to be one Heather’s easier transactions. She never treated us like a burden or let a question go unanswered. The market was beyond competitive, but Heather not only stayed with us, but encouraged us along as we lost more than one home to all cash offers. Heather worked with us, worked with selling agents and in the competitive housing market still was able to secure us cash back for repairs at closing. Heather proactively put together lists of homes to tour but did not hesitate to walk us out the door if she saw something wrong with the home or the neighborhood. Instead of pushing us to buy as quickly as possible, Heather pushed us to buy the home we wanted, one that we could afford, and a purchase that made sense overall. Real estate is a business transaction and Heather is the ideal agent to have by your side.

In early 2018 we unexpectedly decided we had to move out of the Bay Area. We contacted Heather to see if she would again work outside of her normal geographic region. Of course, she said she would, she is Heather. She met us. Looked over the house. It is an older home that has been kept up, but older homes contain many surprises. Heather encouraged us to get the home inspections done ourselves. We might have hesitated, but we trusted Heather. We did so, and while there were no major surprises, there were issues that were discovered that would have allowed purchasers to ask for cash back at closing. Further, Heather encouraged us to move out of the home (we have two large dogs), specified repairs that needed to be done, and advocated that we stage the home.

We followed her advice. In 7 days we had 10 offers and settled on three buyers at 10% over our asking price. This is notable, as this is a very, very small home. This home is not in everyone’s perfect neighborhood, and repairs will be needed just due to the age of the house. Because we did the inspections up front, there were no property contingencies and the offers all included clauses to come in with cash if the home did not appraise.

Unfortunately, the Buyer’s Agent was not as professional as one would hope. Heather did not stop, she fought tooth and nail to get our transaction to the finish line as close to the closing date as possible and ensured that we received money above the purchase price for the delay in closing. Had Heather been on the other side of the sale of our home, none of this would have happened. With a different agent other than Heather, we highly suspect we would have fallen out of escrow. Based on our experience with other agents that we’ve been dealing with in our new purchase outside the Bay Area, Heather’s skill, professionalism and expertise are unmatched. Heather has a great instinct whether she is helping you buy your home or sell your home and we would highly recommend her.

Dylan & Amy Roy-Alvarez ~ Sellers & Buyers

Heather is a joy to work with and sold our home for 20% over ask price

Heather Lange was a dream realtor when we sold our San Jose, CA home and relocated out of state. She priced our house perfectly, and it went for 20% over asking price. She helped us prep our home for sale, helped make it look immaculate, and worked out the logistics with all vendors. Her professional connections and recommendations for third-party vendors all worked out perfectly. Our moving company gave us a fabulous deal because of her connections (even though we were moving out of state!), and they were absolutely flawless, as well. As we were simultaneously selling our house in California and buying a new home out of state, Heather worked diligently with our other realtor to ensure the transition was smooth and nothing was lost in the shuffle. Selling a home in one state and buying a home in another is very cumbersome. She handled countless issues that we didn't even have to think about because she had it handled. However, she always brought all information to our attention, along with her professional recommendations, and we were able to make informed decisions we felt good about. I don't think we could have done any of it without Heather's amazing attention to detail. She managed relationships with all prospective buyers, vendors, lenders, and realtors, and she made the entire process incredibly smooth for us as sellers. She has a beautiful personality and is a joy to work with.

Matt and Melissa Kirtley ~ Sellers

Heather Lange - Fast, Friendly, Efficient

It's no secret that buying a home in the Bay Area is incredibly tough and extremely competitive. My situation was particularly challenging since I was living hundreds of miles away and had a tight relocation deadline. Heather went above and beyond to work with me remotely in order to minimize my travel and make the home-buying process as smooth as possible. When we met in person, our appointments were focused and efficient; she knew exactly what I liked and did not waste time on anything that I didn't. It only took four weeks from the time we first spoke on the phone to winning the bid on the perfect home. This was not just some random house within the budget either. The house that she found was in the exact neighborhood I wanted, no compromises! When I think of Heather she reminds me of family, because only your family would work for you as hard as she does. I really appreciate her patience, her diligence, and her down-to-earth personality. To win in a market like this, Heather Lange is the Realtor you need fighting for your team!

Ron Ocampo and Family ~ Buyers

Heather is the ONE!

I met Heather at one of her open houses. Although the house wasn’t a good fit for us, I was very impressed with her level of professionalism and integrity during our discussion of the kind of house we were looking for. I called Heather the next day and asked if she would be able to represent us as our agent. In this tough seller’s market, Heather advised us truthfully and honestly about the necessary loan approvals and offers we needed in order for our offer to win.

She stood by us as we visited open houses in West San Jose, Campbell, and West Santa Clara. We are picky buyers as this house would be my parents’ home and we wanted one that was not only close to us in proximity but also reasonably new enough so that they didn’t have to make substantial renovations.

After 5 months and many open houses together, we found a place that was just right. Recognizing this, we asked Heather to help us make a pre-emptive offer to purchase the house before it came on to the market. We closed the house in 18 days.

My advice to serious, would-be buyers is this:

Get all your fully approved loans and finances in order. This takes time so get this done before you make an offer. This was the sage advice Heather gave us right from the beginning.
Be patient to look at many houses. Heather is great at giving suggestion and will guide you.
Once you find the house that is right, move quickly to close. Do all you can to stay one step ahead of the competition. Again, Heather can advise on the strategies here.
Buying a house is a process and you’ll need a strong and experienced agent by your side. Heather is the one.

James Chen & Family ~ Buyers

Heather is the Agent of Agents - The One Other Realtors Trust and Want to Work With!

We would recommend Heather to anyone looking in the Greater Bay Area. You cannot spend a minute with her without seeing her professionalism, her poise, her organization, and her complete understanding of every intricacy of real estate deals. In a low inventory, high demand market, she told us early on that we would tire before she did. Week after week for months she delivered on her promise by tirelessly finding us new opportunities, positioning us and preparing us strategically, and fighting for us in bidding wars until we finally succeeded.

But for us what defines Heather is her quiet way of forging relationships with other realtors. She is the agent of agents, the one other realtors trust and want to work with. And that translates into information and leads that other people never see. There is not a doubt in our minds that we never would have gotten our home without Heather and her connections.

If you are looking for a realtor, we’d tell you don’t: you will not find anyone better than Heather Lange. At very least meet with her. She’ll blow the competition away, and we wish you all the joy she brought us.

Christopher Creech and Taylor Young ~ Buyers

Heather helped me sell my house of ten years and purchase a new one; all within 1 month.

Could I have done this without her? No way! I was aware that I wanted to move and sent me daily links to listings. I expanded my search to include manufactured homes, found one that looked so beautiful in the pictures and Heather immediately made a showing appointment and included a couple more for me to view since pictures are deceiving. Long story short, the third home was the winner! We had to move fast to show my children, (their opinion was important to me before making an offer), and to begin getting my house ready for market, so I could make an offer.

Heather contacted the Listing Agent to communicate my intention to submit an offer, The Seller had already lost a previous buyer that couldn’t sell her home, so she was nervous about taking another contingent offer. Heather reassured that even with my contingent offer, my house would sell quickly, efficiently and would close as promised. True to her word, Heather gave me helpful suggestions to prepare my home to market and within a week, she had my house listed for sale and my offer submitted offer for my new dream home. By the time I got my home listed for sale, another offer had come in on my dream home. Heather remained diligent and in constant contact with the listing agent to share how successful our first open house weekend was, and that we would be taking offers right away. The seller decided to accept my offer and within three days I had 8 offers on my home with the winning bid setting a new record for my community at $100,000 over asking price!

Without Heather’s guidance, project management, and communication, this would not have happened. She was in constant contact with everyone involved; any time I emailed, texted or called her, there was an instant response—even on weekend evenings when she should have been relaxing. She had a calendar and timeline set up for each property so I could keep track of progress at any given time.

Each and every detail was made so simple and went so smoothly with no hiccups along the way. And, during this time, I was on vacation for a week! It turned out to be a relaxing vacation as I knew Heather would contact me instantly if something was needed.

Without Heather’s dedication to her clients, without her communication skills, without her persistence this would not have been possible.

Thanks, Heather! You made my dream come true!

Nancy DeSaedeleer - Seller and Buyer

Heather sold our home in 6 days for 9% over list price!

We can’t say enough how much we appreciate Heather Lange as our Realtor. We have used her for two home purchases in the past 5 years and both times we couldn’t be happier with her level of professionalism, knowledge of the industry, and organization.

The first time we worked with her was our first home purchase. She was so helpful by explaining the process, making sure we knew what needed to be done, when, and setting us up with the right Mortgage Broker. She showed us many houses and was happy to let us move at our own pace.

The second time we used her was to sell the first house she helped us purchase and buy a new home. I was so worried that we would be stuck “in limbo” as we might sell our house quickly but not be able to buy a house as fast. Heather worked with us to prep our home for the market. She held two very successful open houses that resulted in 8 offers after only 6 days on the market. She sat down and detailed out each offer to help us make the right choice. At the same time she helped us find our new house, put an offer in and have our offer accepted. She worked both the sale and purchase at the same time and never missed a beat!

Heather’s ability to multitask both processes was amazing! She also pushed to get our new house closed quickly so we could get into it when we needed.

I would recommend Heather to anyone looking to sell or buy a home. She did an excellent job of keeping the process moving ahead quickly and organized!

Carson and Erica Kermode - Sellers & Buyers

To All Searching for a Fine Realtor:

Several years ago, Heather Lange found the right home in the right location for our son and his family. Their positive experience and strong recommendation convinced us to meet with her. As we continued to live in our Southern California home during our entire search for a home in San Jose, Heather was consistently patient and understanding, flexible and accommodating to our work and travel schedules.

Heather's knowledge, preparation, and experience were clear to us from the beginning of the process. We appreciated her careful listening to our requirements, and her swift, thoughtful responses to our questions, both by phone and by email.

When Heather brought us to see the home we quickly knew was the right one in the best location for us, she moved directly into negotiations. It was then that we met her team of expert craftsmen and tradespeople, who arrived to ensure that our home was safe and ready to be occupied. In the process, several problems were discovered that were skillfully repaired. Heather promptly used these issues to justify a fairer price. Very clear to both of us was that she had worked with and depended upon these experts over a number of years; their mutual respect and purpose were apparent. We are safe and comfortable in the special home that Heather found and even improved for us, and most highly recommend realtor Heather Lange to any and all searching to buy or sell.

Martin & Catherine Montoro ~ Buyers

We're Grateful for Heather's Excellent Knowledge & Negotiation Skills!

As we started nearing our retirement, we decided to down-size from our big family home into a home more suited for two. We enlisted the services of Heather Lange, based on a couple of recommendations from friends. We are very grateful for Heather’s excellent knowledge of the crazy Silicon Valley housing market, which was so different from the last time we purchased over 25 years ago. Heather helped us both sell and buy a home. Heather was extremely knowledgeable & provided a detailed market analysis of the home we sold. Heather sold our home very quickly & really negotiated to get us the best offer and price for our home. Heather gave us great advice on our home purchase too. She provided documentation on Prop 60 – transferring your tax base in Santa Clara County. She was extremely patient as we viewed numerous houses. Heather was always quick to answer questions & provide the inspection reports on the properties that we liked. Heather was always encouraging and telling us our new home would come. Thanks to Heather, we now have our new home. We highly recommend Heather to help you sell or buy your next home!

Dianne & Steve Eidson ~ Sellers & Buyers

Heather Sets the Bar High!

I have bought and sold many properties so when I decided to sell my home of 14 years I figured I knew a thing or two about buying and selling. Boy did I learn the difference it makes to have a knowledgeable and hardworking real estate agent representing us. Heather gave us excellent advice at all phases of the project and maintained excellent communication with us from beginning to end. It became clear that she is an expert in her field and sincerely wanted us to be happy with both the process and the outcome. At the end of the day we were happy with the buyers, the timing, the negotiations, and the selling price of 10% over our asking price. We recommend her highly.

The Asch-Ito Family ~ Sellers

Heather is the BEST Buyers' and Sellers' Agent!

I could not be happier with my second experience with Heather Lange, from beginning to end she is the consummate professional. I originally met Heather many years ago at an open house in downtown SJ and when it became time to purchase my first home in 2010 I called on Heather to assist me. I was quite impressed with her ability to get me the starter home of my dreams that was also a short sale and required great knowledge on her part. There was no question that Heather would be my agent when I recently decided to sell in downtown SJ and purchase in Willow Glen.

Heather is ALWAYS available to consult and offer her expert opinion and this is something I have greatly appreciated over the years. She understands that buying and selling a home is a huge life experience and she handles that with great care and sensitivity. I joke that over the years she has been not just my realtor but therapist and life coach as well. This is because I have called on her to consult about selling over the years and also discuss other real estate ventures I have considered. Heather is the best at what she does and gets it done with precision, attention to detail and professionalism. Heather worked alongside me to bring my house to market FAST and make the most possible money for my sale, affording me the opportunity to move into my targeted neighborhood. Prior to coming to market she came by the house and gave me a check-list, gave me referrals for minor work that she recommended, provided us with a detailed timeline so as to know what comes next at each step of the way and was there to offer feedback as questions arose. We got 5 offers, all well over asking, after just 5 days on the market and one weekend of open house. Once the offers were received, Heather organized them all on a spread sheet and presented them to us in a way that was user friendly and detailed. She advised us on what offer to accept given our position as already in contract on another property and ensured that the process of selling was smooth, painless and profitable. We were very pleased to accept an all cash offer 50K over asking that allowed us to move quickly forward with the next step for us.

Simultaneously to bringing my house to market and selling it in 5 days she also represented us in getting our CONTINGENT offer accepted in Willow Glen. In this seller’s market, this part of the transaction required great expertise and negotiation skills. Heather presented a full package to the sellers that instilled confidence in us as buyers and we are thrilled to be almost closed on our new beautiful home in Willow Glen. We have talked to many people who have made offer after offer in this market with no success and those same people are always impressed to learn that the home we bought was our second offer and that it was accepted contingent on the selling of our house in downtown. It seems that Heather has a way of making the stars align and things fall in to place when you do business with her. I highly recommend her and cannot say enough about her. She is intelligent, knows her stuff, will work hard for you and will ensure that you are well represented. I am so happy to have found my real estate professional for this life time. Once you have worked with the best, all others pale in comparison.

The Peregrina-Zavala Family ~ Sellers and Buyers

Heather's Helped us purchase and sell 4 homes! We highly recommend her!

My wife and I have worked through 5 real estate transactions within the last 11 years. Our initial realtor, who will remain nameless, guided us into a home that was overpriced, in an interesting neighborhood…, and into a mortgage that was poorly understood.

Our other 4 transactions including 2 sales, 1 purchase of a short sale, and the other a recent purchase in an extremely aggressive market went extremely well. Our understanding of the intricacies was significantly improved by Heather; we were far happier with our neighborhood, and the mortgages were much more to our liking. Over the last 6 years, our home equity increased from 2% to 60%, with our mortgage staying relatively unchanged.

I imagine it’s obvious that Heather Lange helped us with the last 4 real estate actions. Whenever given the chance, I recommend Heather. She has helped us in both the South Bay and East Bay. I’m looking forward to our next opportunity to work with Heather.

The Ahrendes Family ~ Sellers and Buyers

Heather is a real professional and a terrific personality!

What my wife and I were hoping to find in our Realtor was honesty, knowledge of the area and patience. We found all three in Heather Lange. When we first searched for our home, she told us the pros and cons of each neighborhood and property. She knows the South Bay Area intimately and she showed enormous tolerance for our process when we asked to see more properties and explore different neighborhoods. Her professionalism is unmatched in my experience with realtors on the east coast and in California. When it came time for us to sell our home, she managed the business with sensitivity and alacrity. We were entirely satisfied and then some.

The Goodby Family ~ Sellers and Buyers

Heather Sold Our Home in 5 Days and we got a GREAT Price!

We have worked with Heather, not once but TWICE! We bought and sold our first condo through Heather. Working with Heather was nothing less than enjoyable. We never felt pressured by her when looking for homes and she understood that we were looking for a happy place to create memories and start our family. She ensured that we both liked the house before we put in an offer. As first time home buyers and sellers, she walked us through every step during the process and always stayed in touch. She knows the market really well and did her fair share of research before sharing any information with us.
Heather sold our condo in less than 5 days! We told her on a Wednesday that we wanted to sell the house very quickly; she got the house to market late that Thursday evening, held an open house on Saturday and we had an offer on Sunday well above the asking price.
We found our second home with Heather a short time later and got a good price during this tough buyer's market. Heather was great at communicating with us when new homes came to market so we were able to make a strong offer and win the bid without paying too much over asking price.
If you need help to sell and/or purchase your home, we highly recommend Heather Lange. She will rock and take good care of you!

The Annasami-Narayanaswamy Family ~ Sellers and Buyers

Heather Sold Our Home for 13% Over Our Offer Price!

I’d like to share our experience working with Heather Lange of Intero Real Estate Services. Heather ushered us through a flawless process during the sale of our house. Heather was incredibly fast off the mark – the day of our call Heather was at our house making invaluable recommendations on how to repair stage and sell. Heather was able to point us to a set of reliable reasonable gifted vendors to repair paint clean and inspect our home. Within a week and a half Heather helped us move out make improvements stage the home and list it. Within another 10 days we were under contract for far above our listing price after reviewing multiple offers. Through it all Heather was incredibly thorough loyal detailed knowledgeable … and a complete joy to work with. I would recommend Heather to anyone considering buying or selling a home in the greater South Bay/Silicon Valley area. She is a gem!

The Pina-Mobilio Family ~ Sellers

Heather is the Most Professional & Knowledgeable Realtor We've Worked With!

Heather Lange was the most professional and knowledgeable realtor that we have ever worked with. She took care of everything regarding the purchase of this home and went way beyond by giving us recommendations on contractors and she was on top of everything down to the very last detail. She is also a really nice person! I would highly recommend her to anyone that has any real estate needs

Lynn Allen ~ Buyer

Heather sold our home in 15 Days for 18% over Offer Price!

Thank you Heather so much with the sale of my mom's home. We were on a tight schedule to get it on the market at the right time and you made it possible - from inspections to staging the house to details important to our family - I knew I could rely on your expert advice, knowledge of the market and optimistic attitude to get the job done and get top dollar for the property. My family is thrilled with the sale, and particularly grateful for the care you invested in making it happen.

The O'Malley Family ~ Sellers

Heather Lange is a Phenomenal Realtor!

Heather was amazing to work with, being both sensitive and patient with our family, and extremely proactive to get things accomplished. At our first meeting she arranged a way for us to easily track homes that fit our criteria, and that was only the beginning! She was so easy to work with. She made herself available so often, to both reassure us and quickly answer all of our questions. She put in the time to be sure we were informed of, and comfortable with, every step of both our buying and selling transactions.

Heather sold our home in 12 days and for 109% of our asking price. She also was able to help us find and purchase our next home quickly in a very difficult market . This ensured us a smooth transition for our young family. We would recommend her to anyone who needs a realtor!

The Gaither Family ~ Sellers and Buyers

Heather found us our perfect home!

Throughout the entire process Heather was professional, conscientious, and motivated. We always felt as though we were her only client. We were very happy to have Heather work with us finding our home. Heather scheduled all meetings and interactions at our convenience after work and on weekends. She provided us with outstanding advice on the market and neighborhoods. She provided a profile on the house before viewing. She promptly returned all phone calls and had New Listings for us to look at when we modified our price point. She worked hard, illustrated a great understanding of contract details, negotiation etiquette and documentation. We really appreciated Heather's calm reassurance and expert advice throughout the entire process. Heather was the outstanding professional we were looking for and having her work with us made a nerve-wracking pressure packed process a wonderful success!

Helen and Daniel Montez ~ Buyers

Heather is an outstanding Realtor!

Our experience with Heather was so exceptional I want to do anything I can to encourage more people to utilize her services!

Buying a home is not easy. The stress that comes along with the excitement can at times be overwhelming. What can make the process easier is having a great realtor. My husband and I were so lucky that we chose Heather Lange to assist us in our home buying. While navigating through competing offers, trying to understand the intricacies of short sale, looking at countless houses, Heather was there with advice every step of the way. Her knowledge and professionalism was top-notch. She is responsive, persistent, punctual and easy to work with. Heather was referred to me by a friend who had a great experience with her. My experience was just as great! I would not hesitate to call oon Heather in the future or refer her to a friend. I have worked with other realtors and she is by far the best!

Rebecca Kerkow ~ Seller and Buyer

Even with competition to get this home Heather saved me $30,000 on my purchase!

Heather, I really do want you especially to know that I appreciate all your hard work with helping me buy my house. I knew from the beginning that I had to be really picky in order to get exactly what I wanted and that it could take a long time to find a house that fit my long list of needs within my price range. I could see a lot of realtors getting tired of waiting around, but you were always patient and did an incredibly thorough job following through on everything.

I will definitely recommend you to everyone that I know who becomes interested in buying or selling their house and feel free to keep your sign up in my lawn for as long as you like!

Dan Schwaiger ~ Buyer

Heather Sold Our Home in 10 Days for 106% of ASKING PRICE

We were not convinced to sell our property in such difficult times, but with Heather’s explanations and patience, we did it with great great results.

She is very didactic, answered immediately all our questions without any doubt showing her ample knowledge of the market and her great expertise. We have absolute confidence in her as you would have in an old friend. And even after the process was over, she gave us her help in all those little details that can come to you unexpectedly.

We will totally, blindly (if I may say so) recommend her to anyone that needs a Realtor. Don’t think twice! Just call her! She is that good! And from us always these words: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Eric and Isabel Becker ~ Sellers

Heather saved us $30,000 on the purchase of our home!

We loved using Heather’s VIP Buyer Program to find our home and get a great price in this market. Heather negotiated $20K off the asking price AND another $10K to pay for our closing costs.

Her experience with short sales and bank owned properties helped us get through a very complicated transaction, beat out other buyers interested in the same home, and earn $25K instant equity in our property!

If you are looking for a Realtor that provides high valued service and serves your best interest, we recommend Heather Lange!

K. Kawashima D. Fuentez ~ Buyers

Heathers VIP Buyer Program.....

.... saved me countless hours of footwork as I could go house shopping at midnight in my pajamas!I met Heather Lange at an Open House in the Naglee Park Neighborhood of San Jose. As I was just beginning my real estate search, Heather sent listings of homes in my price range within the neighborhoods I liked. Having these listings delivered to my email box saved me countless hours of footwork as I could go "house shopping" at midnight in my pajamas!

In this turbulent and often confusing real estate market, Heather was always there to answer all of my questions, and to refer me to others with expertise in financing and other areas. In addition, Heather had excellent knowledge of various neighborhood values, trends, demographics, etc. In the end, the house I chose had ALL the features I need to provide an excellent home and neighborhood for my family. I have Heather to thank for helping me to sort through all the information to make that decision.

I can't say enough about Heather's meticulous attention to all the details, dates, deadlines, and paperwork that would have been overwhelming without her superb organization and planning.

Once the contract was signed, Heather set up a calendar for me with key dates and the numerous appointments that needed to be set up. I really appreciate Heather's use of resources such as emailing documents, text messaging with important information, and her ready availability at all times (even when we were both out of town, things moved along without a hitch due to Heather's excellent use of the technological resources available).

My house buying process went smoothly and I would recommend Heather's services to anyone needing real estate services. She will be with you every step of the way!

Tammy Burd

We are very happy with Heather!

We are happy to say that buying our first home went very smoothly, thanks to Heather Lange. We met Heather almost two years ago at a San Jose open house before we bought our home, and she stuck by us every step of the way. Even though it took two years for us to find our dream home, Heather was always patient and never once pressured us to buy prematurely. She also referred us to our very helpful mortgage broker. I highly recommend our realtor, Heather Lange, to anyone buying or selling their home. Heather’s patience, passion for her job, and personable demeanor far exceeded our expectations and made my husband and I feel relaxed throughout our home-buying process.

Katrina and Marco Boldt

Heather sold our home in 17 days for 99% of asking price!

In Mid-January we interviewed some Realtors and selected a consummate professional in Heather Lange with Intero Real Estate Services in Saratoga. She listed our property in both Alameda and Santa Clara Counties on January 31st and February 1st respectively. We had an acceptable offer, countered, and obtained acceptance on February 14th! In our judgment, Heather's success is grounded in her sterling ethics, unbridled enthusiasm, attention to detail, punctuality, communication skills, and willingness to sell the property rather than to simply list it and wait for the phone to ring. In Carl's forty plus years of selling, he as met very few who possess her combination of skills. We saved the best for last; her composition of the visual Internet tour was masterful!

Carl and Leslie Kirsch

Heather saved me 5000 off the asking price in addition to negotiating repairs paid by the sellers.

Communication during the biggest financial transaction of my life was important to me. Heather provided peace of mind by keeping me constantly up to date, explaining the process, and easing my nervousness. She replies to voicemail and e-mail quickly and I was treated as if I were her only client. She made suggestions, pointed out my options and attended all inspections with me. I found her to be a very valuable partner in the purchase of my new home.

Patt Brett

Heather sold my home in 15 days for 101% of the asking price

I knew there was a reason our paths were meant to cross. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!!!

Honestly, I've yet to meet a more progressive, enthusiastic, creative, hard working agent.

Thank you for all that you do to represent ME!

Ivy Sarratt

I thought Heathers service was excellent!

She attended to all aspects of my purchase process, including great communication, and excellent "follow-through", with attention paid to all details of the transaction. Heather was always prompt to respond to my questions and requests for data prior to my decision to make an offer and after my offer was accepted. She negotiated well in a multiple offer situation to have my offer accepted with the sellers agreeing to my terms. I felt very comfortable doing business with Heather because she allowed me to move forward at my own pace.

I definitely recommend Heather Lange to help you if you're thinking of buying a home.


Heather saved us $11,000 on the purchase of our first home

Recently, my wife and I purchased a home with Heather Lange as our real estate agent. There are so many moving parts involved with purchasing a home that can make buying a home for the first time an overwhelming process. Heather made the process about as easy as it possibly could be and she made us feel as though we were her only clients.

First, she sat down with us and educated us as to how the transaction process worked, beginning with procuring a loan, and then setting us up on a toolkit so we could look at homes on-line and based upon our personalized search criteria. Next, Heather spent many, hours with us looking at homes we selected. A few times we were able to gain access to homes with little more than a few hours notice. She really made herself available to us. In those rare circumstances when she did not answer her phone right away, she would always return my calls promptly – and the calls were plentiful.

Once we found the home we liked, Heather went to work for us. She was able to negotiate $11,000 off of the original asking price of our home. This was no small feat given that there were multiple offers – some of which were ABOVE our offering price. We got the home. Heather’s attention to detail is unbelievable. There are so many aspects of purchasing a home of which I was completely unaware.

I have heard horror stories from friends and neighbors about real estate agents who were incompetent or just didn’t care. With a purchase as extraordinary as a home, I had to have someone I could trust. I had to have someone whom I knew was good at her craft. In short, I needed a “bulldog” capable of helping me make informed, ethical, and prompt decisions.

Heather Lange was the best choice to help us purchase our home and we highly recommend her to help you!

Greg and Maggie Kraintz

Heather negotiated 11% over our asking price

Heather was fabulous to work with! Heather was always pleasant and made herself very available for our questions and concerns. She always made an effort to answer questions completely and returned our calls quickly. Her service was very professional and she completed everything with care and honesty. We had a short timeline for moving and getting our house on the market and she took care of all the details so we never had to worry about anything. Once we had moved out of the area and our house was on the market, we were never the least bit concerned about things getting done. Heather was always on top of things. She communicated with us daily and kept us informed with necessary details.

We feel like Heather worked hard for us. Even when our sale didn’t go as smoothly as we had hoped, Heather was there with confidence and a sense of humor that helped us keep our sanity. When the sale of our home was complete, she continued to follow through with all the details and information that we needed. The signing of papers was not the end of her service.

She made sure that we were satisfied with every aspect of the sale and transaction. She provided total customer service - from gardeners to repairs. This is what she can offer you, and she will deliver! We are very appreciative of her efforts. We cannot think of additional improvements on top of the existing service that Heather offers.

When you ask, “ Should I make Heather my Realtor?” We say, You can’t go wrong!

Thanks Heather!

Brian Debbie Ashly and Abigayle Heinrich

Heather Lange is an excellent Realtor who possesses an incredible sense of energy....

and passion for what she does.
My partner and I met Heather at a home buying seminar about 5 months before we decided to begin looking for a home. We really enjoyed Heather’s presentation and ability to transfer her knowledge of the market and home buying process into clear and easy to understand terms. Heather’s bright personality, attentiveness, and follow up skills also impressed us. Once we committed to the search with Heather as our realtor she immediately set us up on the Intero Tool Kit—a really great buyer tool that allowed us to receive emails with listings in our area based on criteria we established with Heather.

From there Heather arranged for us to tour all of the properties we expressed interest in. During our visits Heather allowed us to view each property and she remained subjective throughout—meaning she waited for us to react positively or negatively before offering any of her own thoughts about a property. We appreciated this as it demonstrated Heather’s interest in the client’s needs vs. her own. Two months into the search we found a home after visiting an open house. We contacted Heather and expressed interest in getting an offer to the seller. Within a few hours we were signing the documents Heather needed to send to the listing agent. The next morning Heather personally delivered the offer package to the listing agent. After a few phone calls between Heather and the agent and 1 counter offer---our offer was accepted that evening. Heather walked us through every step of the process and presented a detailed timeline for us all the way from offer acceptance through close of escrow.

Through Heather’s perseverance and dedication, everything went as planned according to the dates provided. We could not have asked for a smoother home buying process and transition into our new home. As first time buyers we didn’t know what to expect, but I can honestly say that Heather made the home buying process a pleasure.
John Mastrorilli Troy May

Heather sold our home in 8 days and negotiated $15,000 over asking price!

Dave and I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you did on the sale of our home. We had thought that we were going to have to stay in our place for a few more years, yet after talking to you we were really excited by your attitude and confidence.

We were really impressed with how fast you put our home on the market and how quickly you sold it. We were blown away by the fact that you sold it for $15,000 over the asking price. We also wanted to thank you for all the work you did on the purchase of our new home. Woo hoo!!! We're really happy with our new 3 bedroom 2 bath house. Thank you so much for all the advice and extra effort you made to ensure that we would be able to afford our new home. All the time you put in with us was really appreciated.

We don't want to move in the near future but when it's time to move up to a bigger house, as the kids get bigger, we'll definitely keep you in mind.

Thank you Heather, you rock!!!

Dave, Maggie, Justin and Julianne Samford

Heather sold our home in 14 DAYS for 106% of ASKING PRICE

We were extremely pleased with the hands on service provided by Heather Lange and her home selling team in the sale of our home. Heather's professionalism, confidence, enthusiasm, overall communication and follow-through, along with her excellent presentation of our home delivered a sale in 2 weeks at an excellent price!
John and Nancy Pawlyshyn